The Global Waqf Conference (GWC) is one of the oldest, largest and most comprehensive forums dedicated to the development Waqf. Held on a yearly basis, the GWC’s vision is to bring together influential experts, policymakers and practitioners to address and explore new approaches, challenges and wealth generating opportunities for waqf development globally. 


This year marks the 7th edition of the GWC, which promises to attract an even larger audience of over 400 attendees from all over the world. Delegates will hear from a distinguished panel of visionary leaders, speakers, and practitioners covering a broad range of topics focused on waqf development and the millennial generation. The two days conference is being organised by the Al Madinah International University (MEDIU) with support from the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah (IsDB), and a group of diverse startegic partners.


• To discover alternative solutions for Waqf development through the use of new technologies
• To explore the possibility of standardization of Waqf regulation not only in Malaysia but globally
• To showcase Waqf success stories that are making real time impact for the poor
• To expose millennials on the importance, concepts and practises of waqf

leaders keynote

Keynotes addresses by top officials and leading Waqf experts

MOU Exchanges

MOU Exchanges by Waqf related entities for mutual collaborations

Targeted delegates

GWC2019 brings together targeted both local & international delegates

panel discussions

Lively & informative Panel sessions on success stories by experts


Connect with and exchange ideas with experts from all over the world

new topics

GWC2019 offers diverse topics cover regional & practitioners


GWC has a great following and this will be the 7th edition to be held

media coverage

GWC2019 is featured & will be covered locally & Internationally

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